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Writing Friendly Letters
This lesson defines a friendly letter and identifies the conventions/features of a friendly letter. There are two worksheets to be completed.
Writing semi-formal Letters
This lesson focusses on the features and layout of the semi-formal letter
Writing a Formal/Business Letter
This lesson identifies the parts of a business letter, style and language
Under this topic, learners will identify the elements of a narrative, narrative structure and the use and effect of figurative language in narratives.
Writing a Curriculum Vitae
This lesson will define a curriculum vitae, its purpose and format.
Descriptive Writing
In this lesson, learners will identify the conventions of writing to describe
Writing a Report
In this lesson, learners will identify the features and format of a report
Discursive Writing
Article Writing
Writing an Email
Fillng in forms
This lesson aims to help students with form filling.
Letter to the press
This lesson will explain the purpose of writing a letter to an editor and identifying the components of a letter ·
Following are the specific aims of poem: To communicate to pupils the exclusive message of the poem. To appreciate the poem. To enable students to capture the central idea of the poem. To enable students to read the poem with correct rhyme and rhythm.
Discursive essay
This lesson will help learners understand the key aims of a discursive essay.
Learn how to write various compositions in English
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