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Who Are We?

🎓 Your Path to Success: Empowering learners at all levels, Zamtutions offers tailored courses and mentorship. Be part of our dynamic community and drive innovation.

As a leading ICT innovator in Africa, we represented the continent at the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit we Unlock Limitless Possibilities. We are also Recognized by ZICTA as top innovators in 2021 and 2023, for shaping Zambia’s Education landscape through technology.

Zamtuition is Zambia’s indigenous e-learning platform that was launched in 2021, with the aim of bringing lessons at the finger tips of the Learners.

We offer Wide range of Online Private Tuitions  from Grade 7 – Grade 12 as well as GCE Tuitions.

For Tertiary students and Entrepreneurs, we provide a wide range of skills empowerment and skills sharing for entrepreneurs.  If you are looking for a place to learn new skills in order to run your business, gain a skill, and become a great competitor in your business setup, then Zamtutions is your home.

We provide a ALL IN ONE platform were you can find all the courses and skills you would like to attain in order for you to succeed in your business or workplace.

Why Choose Zam-tuitions ?

100% Online. There is no going to class. You choose the best time and place to complete your coursework

All-Inclusive Pricing. Your tuition price includes all materials you need including study guides and learning aids as well as Virtual Labs

Skill Empowernment Programs. We offer entrepreneurial programs in the fastest-growing fields – such as technology.

Flexible Method of Study. You can study online or in print. Pumphlets, study guides, and learning aids are directly found within your account. Zamtutions offers a clear virtual learning mode with online group discussions, virtual labs and direct and instant question and answer to your teachers.

Network of Instructor / Teacher Support. You work independently, but not alone. Expert Teachers, Instructors and technical support staff are just a phone call, message board, or email away and Live Chat. Most importantly, you can chat directly with your trainer or teacher through the system.

Integrated Learning Pathways: Seamlessly transition from learner to entrepreneur as Zamtutions offers a curated progression of courses that not only enrich your knowledge but also guide you in applying those skills to real-world ventures.

Meet Some of your Teachers


We have more than 30 high profile teachers

Mwamba Mwamba

English and Chinese

Grade 12
Kelvin Mwansa

Biology and Chemistry Teacher

Grade 12
Victor Changwe

Teacher of Mathematics

Grade 12

Our Enterprenuers

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